Simple Tennis ball tutorial

 Here I will show you a simple tutorial on how to create a tennis ball in blender. I hope you find it useful.
Download the file if you are having any problems: 


First open Blender to the default set up and delete the default cube. 

Now we are going to add a Sphere, this will be the tennis ball. Press space>Add>Mesh>UVsphere then OK.

Next we shall edit the cube, go into edit mode (TAB) and into the top view (7 on the number pad)
Also work in wire view as this will make it easier for us to work with. (Z).

In this part we will delete half of the sphere, highlight half of it by pressing B, using border select.
Once you have all the correct vertices selected, press delete and click faces.

With the whole half selected we are going to duplicate it, before we do this make sure the rotation pivot is set on the 3D cursor and is in the centre as the picture below. Right now duplicate the other half (shift + D), instantly press R and type 180. Now the other half has rotated back into the whole sphere.

Now go into side view and rotate the new half 90 degrees (press R and type 90) 
You now have rotate the other half, next we will join all the vertices, highlight everything and remove doubles
 ( press W then 6 ), that's the base model done. 

Next we will assign the material colours to the model.


Back in edit mode we will add two new materials to the object. Click New twice.

Now we will highlight the faces we want for the seam. Choose face select and the press B twice to make it easier to select, also do this in wire view.

Back in the material menu that we were just at, with material two ( 2 mat 2 ) we will click assign, this assigns that material to the current selected faces.

Now go into the material editing by pressing F5, we will start with the seam material (material 2) which will be white. After that, change to material 1 and select a green colour.

Finally set the model to smooth and add a subsurf.

Thats it! Hopefully you found this tutorial useful, next time I will create a tutorial on how to use particle to give the tennis ball a fluffy effect making it more realistic such as the picture below.

The source file can be found here


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Great Tutorial, thanks for share!

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If you don't want to write a tutorial, or have been drinking, don't bother, dude.

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