Blender knife modelling tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a knife in blender, hopefully you will find it straight forward. 

The final render, took about 10 minutes to model.
File download:


First open blender to the default set up. We will use the default cube to model from, open up a background image so we can work from.

Next when you have opened the image reference, make sure it is in the centre. Now use two views, one top and one side then go into edit mode. 

Now make the cube into a rectangle following the reference image as seen below, also edit the mesh in the side view down to make it thinner.

We will now make more vertices by cutting into the mesh, this is done by pressing ctrl+R, you then choose the area. The area you will choose will be where the reference image changes shape. After this you will move the vertices around the image as shown below. use border select for this ( B )

Now select all the vertices on the side shown below on the top, we will move these down to create a blade effect.

That is the blade created. Now we are going to do the exact same method to create the handle, hopefully you are getting the hang of it. Follow the pictures below. Start by adding a new cube by pressing space and choosing.

That is the basic mesh finished. Now make the mesh smooth and add a subsurf modifier. 


I will show you now how to add some basic materials, in the final render I used a UV image, you can do this also if you know how, I have a tutorial on that in my blog. 

First add 3 new materials, these will be for the handle, the top of the handle and the blade.
Starting with the blade, select the faces on the model that are the blade. after this assign one of the materials to these faces.

Once you have assigned the material to the blades faces, do the same with the rest of the model for the top of the handle and the bottom.

Go into the materials now ( press F5) and choose the correct colours for each part.

And thats it, the model is complete. You can download the file here if you were having any problems. Thanks for reading.

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Alpha Seven said...

neato mosquito! thanks for the tutorial! very descriptive for that guy that has looked at many confusing tutorials!