Blender Flag Tutorial

In this simple tutorial I will show you how to animate a flag using the cloth system in blender.


You will need the model file, you can download that here: .blend 

Open the file, this will be the main scene.

Next select the plane which will be the flag then go into the object panel then into physics. This is where we will select the cloth.

Now that the cloth option is open we will set the values as shown below.

After that we will create a vertex group, go back into editing and select new vertex group.

Now that we have created a vertex group, we will paint the weight on. Go into weight paint mode. This will bring up a new menu. Deselect 'soft' in the menu and paint along the edge as shown.

That is the weight done, now back in object mode go back into the cloth settings and select pinning of cloth then select out vertex group we just created.

The cloth is now complete, but we are not finished yet! as you can see if you start the animation by pressing ALT + A nothing much happens. We will now add some wind. First of all add an empty.

This empty will be the wind, in the menu below, with the empty selected we will choose wind and then set the settings. After that you should rotate the empty in which direction you want the wind to blow, press R twice with it selected.

Finally make the flag mesh smooth as shown in the image.

Now press ALT + A and watch your flag fly! after you have done this you could add some materials to the flag like I have done.

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something!


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Red circles on a blurry image? Well thanks for the thought but I found this totally unusable.

Anonymous said...

If you click the image it will enlarge, hopefully then you can see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Just what I was looking for! :-)